Jambo by Hannah Allard

Jambo! by Hannah Allard We arrived to SP safely, and we have been hard at work ever since. Today, part of the team finished setting up the new computer lab, and the kids were able to use it for computer class. We are so excited for them to have access to such great technology and the doors it will open for them in the future. Cecil Faye and I have been working to unload the footlockers and restock the clothes closet. There are many projects being worked on and many we have yet to start. We have a great deal to accomplish in our short time here. Soon we are taking the kids on a field trip, and I am so excited for the kids to be able to learn and experience life outside the compound. I am so glad to be back here again, and I cannot believe how much our kids have grown since last summer. They have grown not only physically, but spiritually, academically, and in their communication skills. I love being able to play, joke, and laugh with them. It is such a blessing to wake up to their sweet laughter and shuffling feet as they rush off to class (quite early). I spend everyday in awe of this beautiful place, these precious kids, and the great work God is doing here. I am absolutely loving my time here, and I know it will end all too soon.