A New Beginning for Deaf Orphans in Kenya. 


Supporting innovative education through the integration of technology.


Sam's Place Primary School

At Sam's Place Primary School, the initial focus is on providing the students with language and introducing them to an academic setting. 

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Sam's Place High School

Sam's Place High School was established in January 2018. The very first Form 1 class consisted of five students, three girls and two boys.

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Vocational Program

The Sam's Place Vocational Program offers training in sewing and carpentry. Students can choose to focus on a career in one of these area...

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Sam's Place Plus and Beyond

Sam's Place Plus is a program designed to help students prepare to transition to live outside of Sam's Place. The students move out of the regular dorm...

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

The children at Sam's Place will become leaders for change in the lives of Deaf citizens in Kenya.


Annual Report

Hope and a Future.

The children at Sam's Place were rejected, abandoned and neglected for the first part of their lives. Upon arriving at Sam's Place, they learned a language for communication and began to acquire and education. The supporters of Sam's Place are dedicated to providing long-term support for these children as they begin to leave the campus and pursue their dreams.