Life Changing

I had no idea how much a two week trip in 2013 would change my life. I had been to Kenya 25 years earlier and fell in love with the Kenyan Deaf but God had other plans for me.  When the opportunity was presented for me to go back, I had all the reasons this was not a good idea. Again God had other plans.  I thought I was going back to “check it out” and reconnect with some great friends. Well ... I fell in love with those most amazing children.  Children that have been abused, abandoned, forgotten, without a language and denied an education were going to be taught and would quickly excel to a level no one expected.  To see them learn to play, learn to trust, learn to love, learn to serve and learn that God knows their name and they are chosen.  To receive their hugs and feel their love is the best feeling. They now have value and a purpose. They are being noticed by the outside world, by their grades, athletics, dance, and interaction with the hearing world.  They are impacting Kenya  and many here in the US in mighty ways.  Can’t wait to see my Kenyan family!!

Dawn DeitmenComment